Proudly Serving Clarkston WA Since 1888

Farm Store Hours

May:                     Fri-Sat,   2p-6p

June:               Thur-Sat, 10a-6p

July:                 Wed-Sat, 10a-6p

August:             Tue-Sat, 10a-6p

September:  Mon-Sat, 10a-6p

October:    Weekdays, 10a-6p

                        Weekends, 10a-4p

November:       Fri-Sat,  2p-Sunset

December:        Fri-Sat, 2p-Sunset



Fresh Pressed Apple Cider

$4 half-gallon

$6 gallon

Gently warm for a wonderful treat.

Great as a mixer for punch or adult beverages.


Upcoming Events

Find us at the NAIA World Series

May 26-June 2

Treat your homerun appetite to the cider, fudge, and Pink Lady apple pie we'll have available!


Farmers Markets

Clarkston Farmers Market


Saturday 8 am - noon

Corner of Sycamore St and 5th St

Across from the Asotin County Library

Pullman Farmers Market

2nd week May- 3rd week October

Wednesday 3:30 - 6 pm

240 NE Kamiaken St

Spot Shop Parking Lot

Across from the Neill Public Library

Moscow Farmers Market


Saturday 8 am - 1 pm

Main Street


Retail Outlets

Farm Fresh Produce and Fresh Pressed Cider

Please ask for our products at these local retailers. When you find our products, please thank the store for supporting local farmers. If you would love to see more of our products in your local store, please ask them to contact us.


Rick's Family Foods


Rosauers Supermarket


Rosauers Supermarket


Huckleberry's Natural Market

Rosauers Supermarkets

Super 1 Foods

Pastured Heritage Chicken Eggs

Huckleberry's inside Lewiston Rosauers

Huckleberry's inside Moscow Rosauers