Bloom Photos


Bloom Photos

Our Iris Flower garden is currently U-Pick only. 

We offer immediate gratification, you can dig the rhizomes while they are in bloom!

You must plan to plant your purchases immediately.  Iris blooms will need to be cut and put into water promptly as well. Plan on bringing your own bags and bucket, gardening gloves reccomended, closed toed shoes required.

2012 Rhizomes are $5.00 each, tax included.

Some rhizomes are in production and are coming soon. We have currently moved our stock so not all pictured rhizomes are currently available. 

Above Board
Added Praise
Adventure Bay Alaska Sunshine
Amethyst Flame
Angel Choir
Apple Jack
Apricot Ambrosia Arsonist
Ask Alma
Aunt Lucy
Autumn Hills
Autumn Leaves
Babbling Brook
Baby Snowflake
Bama Berry
Beach Girl
Beauty Mark
Bedtime Story d.
Beth Corey
Beverly Sills
Blackhills Gold
Blazing Saddles
Blazing Sunrise
Blenheim Royal
Blue Line d.
Blue Luster
Blue Reflections d.
Blue Ridge Echoes
Blue Sapphire
Blushing Duchess
Bread and Wine Breakers
Breaking Dawn Brigadier
Brimmed Cerise
Brimmed Cerise Amo
Brimmed Wine Amo
Broken Silence
Brook Flower
Burnt Toffee
Busy Butterfly
By Night
Caliope Tune
Candle Power
Captured Spirit
Carnival Time
Casino Belle Cayenne Capers
Cherry Garden
Cherry Smoke
Cherry Tart d.
Cherubs Smile
Chico Maid
Chiffon Ruffles
Chocolate Marshmallow Chubby Cheeks
Circus Stripes
Columbia Springs
Combo d.
Cotton Blossom d. Dancing Sunbeam
Garnet Star d. Gold Fever d. Hazel's Pink d.
Hell Cat d.
Hooray d. Ione Morgan
Irish Lullaby
Irish Spring
Jam d.
Jam Session
Java Charm Jazzama Tazz d
Jeannie Price
Jet Black
Jet Fire
Jewelled Starlight
Joyce Terry
Kentucky Blue Grass d.
Kona Coast
Lace Flounces
Laced Artistry
Laced Cotton
Laced Gold
Laced Wonder
Lady Fire Lady Friend Lady in Red d.
Latin Lover
Lavender Plicata Lemon Rings d.
Lilac Pink Lime Fizz
London Fog
Loop the Loop
Love Shine
Lovely Lois
Lullaby of Spring
Magis Gift
Margaret Down
Mayan Poppy
Meet the Boss
Merry Monarch
Merry Witch
Mettalic Blue
Mia Caro
Michigan Pride
Mission Ridge
Misty Miss
Mohave Moods
Moon Spinner
Mr. Nate Rudolf
Mulberry Glow
Mulberry Inn Mulberry Wine
Mulled Wine
Murmuring Hills
Navajo Blanket
Navy Strut
Neil Diamond
Neutron Dance
New Color
Night Owl
Night Song
Nora Eileen Oklahoma Bandit d.
Old Time Religion On Fire
One Desire
Open Sky d.
Orange Capers
Orange Empire
Orange Fantasy
Orange Parade Orchid Chiffon
Orchid Flare
Orchid Flare d. Ovation
Painted Popcorn Painted Porcelian
Paper Lantern
Peace Appeal
Peach Float
Peach Frost
Peach Tree
Persian Gown Peso d.
Petite Posy d.
Pink Bows Pink Kitten d.
Pink Pleasure Picture Perfect
Play With Fire
Plum Gleam d.
Pretty Lady Pretty Nancy
Pride of Ireland
Princess Gloria d.
Puppy Love d. Purple Haven Purple Streaker
Rare Edition d.
Rare Treat Raspberry Jam d.
Real Challenger
Really Pink
Really Wild
Red Hearts d.
Red Jade d.
Revival Meeting
Rippling Waters
Rocket Thruster
Rose Caress
Rosy Posy d.
Roustabout d.
Royal Contrast d.
Royal Crusader
Royal Touch Ruffled Lavender Ruffles and Lace
Runaway d.
Rustic Cedar
Sailors Dance
Sam's Song
Sapphire Gem d.
Scintillating Lady
Scintillating Lady
Scot Creme d.
Sea and Sky
Sea Dancer d.
Sea Urchin d.
Senor Froggy d
Serenity Prayer d.
Seven Hills
Silkie d.
Silver Shadows
Sinkiang Skating Party
Sketch Me
Sky Hook Smart Barbara
Snow Jade
Snow Light
Snow Mound
Snow White Plus

Snowy Thorne
Snowy Wonderland
Soft Moonbeam
Solid Gold Something Special d. Song of Norway
Song Sung Blue
Soul Music
Southland Grape
Space Cadet d.
Spiked Punch
Spinning Wheel
Splash of Red d.
Spooned Fantum
Spring Butterfly d.
Steam Heat Stepping Out
Storm Flurry
Straw Fire
Straw Hat d.
Striated Goody
Sugar Bear d.
Sun Gold d.
Sunlit Charm d.
Sunset Sky
Temple Gold
Thick 'n Creamy
This Way
Thrice Blessed d.
Titan's Glory
Trader's Gold
Triple Crown Triumphal Entry
Tuts Gold
Untamed Melody
Venus and Mars Victor Herbert
Victoria Falls
Viola d.
Violet Rings Violet Snow
Visual Arts
Warm and Toasty
Watered Silk
Waters Meet
Well Endowed Wet on Wet
Whipped Honey Wild Apache Windwalker
Wine and Roses
Wizard of Id d.
Worth Stealing
Yellow Gold d.
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