Proudly Serving Clarkston WA Since 1888

Although we remain closed until we work our way through the current Covid-19 regulation requirements. We will post on Facebook, update our homepage, and change our telephone greeting as soon as we are open for business. We are sorry that we haven’t had a consistent response regarding our fall season and hope that we are still able to fulfill your craving for a trip to the farm. Things will certainly be different this year, as we strive to provide a satisfying and safe experience during this pandemic. 

We will operate retail sales outdoors much like a farmers’ market booth and have a directed route through our upick pumpkin field.  The field is nearly 3 acres and supplemented with an additional 4 acres of overflow plantings.  We grew at least 79 varieties of pumpkins, hard squash, and gourds this year!  As per Washington regulation, be prepared with face coverings for anyone over 2 years of age. Like any outdoor market, weather may change our plans daily.  So, please confirm our status before making the trip.